Cameron Turnquist


“I want my clients to know I will be their expert before, during and after construction."

As a sophomore at Texas Tech, Cameron was deciding between moving West and becoming a fly fishing guide; or stay in Texas, continue dating his future wife, Hayley, and pursue becoming a Home Builder. He chose, correctly, and joined a framing crew in Lubbock, building custom homes. Eventually he joined a cabinet shop as an installer and trim carpenter, working on the same type of homes. He knew his next step was management and started to remodel, and manage more complex projects. He has experience in building, self preforming, and managing all aspects of residential construction, and light commercial. His passion is building projects for people who value an exceptional experience, and expect unmatched quality.

Rance Hogue


Rance has owned and operated Arrowhead Roofing and Siding for over 20 years.

He’s earned customer service awards, affiliate awards, and Texoma’s Best awards many times over. His reputation and hard earned knowledge, serves to guide Arrowhead Builder’s values and future growth. His expertise in water management, energy efficiency, and weather resistance make our homes and projects less liable to disaster. His wisdom in handling finances, and sustainable growth, insure our customers can trust Arrowhead Builders will be around to take care of and warranty their homes.

Dawn Coffman


Dawn handles all billings and payments, job cost accounting, and payroll for Arrowhead Builders.

Dawn has worked at Arrowhead for almost two decades, and in the construction industry for over 20 years. She provides Arrowhead Builders with accurate and timely financial information, vendor and subcontractor payments, as well as everything else under the sun.

Dalton Anderle

Site Supervisor

Dalton handles in house field labor, and day to day supervision of our projects.

Dalton grew up in Windthorst, and developed a work ethic and skill set most people envy. His personality is just as great, as all of our subs and clients enjoy being around him. He began framing almost a decade ago for a well respected framer in town. He has framed some of the most complex and large homes in Texoma. He values taking the extra step, and caring about the details when constructing something. He brings to our team an expertise in home framing, and solving problems in the field. If he builds something at your house, you’ll know it’s right.

Also, if you meet him, you just met a triplet!

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